Prepare to embark on a delectable journey through the delightful world of gelato, sorbetto, and non-dairy frozen desserts! We’re thrilled to share an array of tantalizing recipes and a treasure trove of knowledge about these frozen delights! Our mission is to ignite your culinary imagination, providing you with the inspiration and insights needed to create masterful dessert creations. Don your apron, roll up your sleeves, and let’s explore this enchanting authentic Italian experience together!

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From simple scoops, to flavorful flights, to crafty cocktails, gelato, sorbetto and non-dairy frozen desserts can be used in a variety of ways. View our recipe book and follow us on LinkedIn & YouTube for regular recipe inspiration!

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Chef Flavio Tagliaferro

Renowned Executive Chef Flavio Tagliaferro, proprietor of Chef Flavio Custom Culinary Solutions LLC and former Director of Culinary Development at Olive Garden, has joined forces with G.S. Gelato as a consultant for our foodservice division and GCIA ambassador!

Drawing upon his extensive expertise in menu strategy & limited-time offerings, pioneering food innovations, and driving product development, Chef Flavio possesses a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of culinary professionals. He unites his unique skills with a strong familiarity of our products to solve challenges and create one-of-a-kind dessert creations with our gelato, sorbetto, and non-dairy frozen desserts!

Contact Flavio to get a chef’s perspective on how you can incorporate gelato, sorbetto, or non-dairy frozen desserts into your establishment.

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