Frozen Yogurt: Healthy 100

There was so much excitement at this year’s second annual Gourmet Soiree! During the event, local celebrity chefs and participants from the Orlando area came together to create nutritious meals, inspire a healthy lifestyle and advance the Healthy 100 program.

The Healthy 100 program was created by the Florida Hospital Association, and is designed to motivate children, teens, and families to engage in proper eating habits and regular exercise routines to improve their health and extend their lifespan. With one goal in mind: “Help people live to a Healthy 100 years old”, the program encourages people by pointing them in the direction to a more invigorating way of life.

In order to be an approved menu item for the Healthy 100 program, certain nutrition criteria must be met. For example, a recipe can only have 35% fat, less than 100mg of cholesterol, and 3-5 grams per serving of fiber. To our delight, seven of our frozen yogurt flavors were approved by Florida Hospital nutritionists! Flavors include:


  1. Blueberry Pomegranate Yogurt
  2. Sea Salt Caramel Yogurt
  3. Sonoma Strawberry Yogurt
  4. Cappuccino Yogurt
  5. Peanut Butter Yogurt
  6. Italian Tart Yogurt
  7. Mint Chocolate Yogurt


So, if you are a health conscious frozen yogurt enthusiast and go crazy trying to find a delicious frozen yogurt product that meets your personal health requirements, relax because with our wide range of approved flavors you will not have to go searching very far!

At the Chef’s Reception and in the main ballroom, Yogurtiamo was serving up our delicious Sea Salt Caramel, Sonoma Strawberry, and Blueberry Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt. Fundraising efforts for the Florida Hospital Association were extremely successful, especially with the efforts of our host, British celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Chef Irvine has appeared on and hosted several shows on the Food Network Channel, including Dinner: Impossible, Restaurant: Impossible, and The Next Iron Chef.

The Gourmet Soiree raised essential funds for the Healthy 100 program, complimenting the Menu Item Kick-off event that was held in March 2013, with Paula Deen making a special guest appearance and preparing one of her “In a New Light” Healthy 100 Approved recipes. Paula was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and gave a genuine description of her journey with the condition. Afterword, guests were pleased to find they were able to sample Ms. Deen’s dish!

For more detailed information on the Florida Hospital Association’s Healthy 100 initiative and to kick-start your nutritious lifestyle, please visit www.healthy100.org. To learn more about Yogurtiamo Frozen Yogurt, go to www.yogurtiamo.com.

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