Exclusive, imported Italian desserts for the foodservice industry – simply thaw and serve!

italian flag

our italian passion and heritage goes beyond gelato…



Exquisite choux pastry filled with Chantilly cream and covered with a traditional Italian chocolate mousse.

creme caramel

Make a lasting impression in less than 10 seconds with this world-renowned dessert.


tiramisu savoiardi

Prepared with espresso infused ladyfingers in between layers of delicate mascarpone cream and finished with cocoa powder.

wild berry cake

A delicious Italian cake topped with an exquisite medley of mixed berries.

mango cake

Delicate semifreddo mousse on a bed of meringue covered by a rich mango gelee.

torta frutti di bosco

Selection of wild berries on a bed of delicate semifreddo and fragrant shortcrust pastry.

Our ready-to-serve desserts come in easy-to-store foodservice
packaging, with 9 to 24 servings per box.

always at your service…

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