9 flavor gelato display case equipment

The HBG-9 gelato display case is an excellent option for cafes, entertainment centers, and any other concept that wants to prominently showcase their ready-to-serve gelato, vegan sorbet, or plant-based frozen desserts. The HBG-9 holds nine flavors and is part of an affordable series of display cases, including a 4-flavor, 7-flavor, 10-flavor as well as a 12-flavor option.

*Exact model not shown.

gelato start-up program rebate cycleFill this display case with ready-to-serve G.S. Gelato flavors and receive monthly rebates to offset the cost of the equipment! On all HBG-series display cases, your rebate may even exceed the equipment cost! We offer competitive pricing and the most flexible options to buy or finance your equipment. Terms and conditions apply.

Model HBG-9
# Tubs (Flavors Displayed) 9
Width 51 3/4 in.
Depth 27 3/8 in.
Height 50 1/8 in.
Net Weight  268lbs.
Power Requirements 115v / 60Hz / 1 Phase / 2 amps


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